W6 Jerkbait-T 6'6"/195cm H 20-80g 1+1sec 1+1sec

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Jerkbait fishing means heavy rods and big power, right? Not so with this W6 Jerkbait rod – it offers a new dimension to jerkbait fishing with incredible sensitivity and a medium/fast action that will register even the gentlest of takes, meaning you won’t miss a bite. The joint has been placed just above the handle, so the fighting curve of the blank remains uninterrupted. It’s a smooth fight that will have you thinking about the next trip before you’ve even finished the one you’re on. * Split-handle with super grade EVA - compact and non-slip * Reel Seat: Fuji® PULS, rubber coated * Guides: Fuji® SiC * Blank: Torayca® High Performance Carbon for superior action, casting and strength * Custom made rubber gimbal, non-slip * Low-profile guide wrappings * PacBay® hook keeper
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