W3 PowerTeez 2nd 9'/270cm MH 21-70g 2sec

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The W3 Powerteez 2nd Generation is a series of fast actioned rods with a powerful backbone, which features great casting abilities and a very sensitive tip. Balance is a key factor when jigging or fishing pelagic with soft lures. Thanks to Torayca® High Performance Carbon fibers, the W3 Powerteez 2nd Generation feels like a natural extension of your arm. These are key factors when jigging with soft lures after fish like zander and pike. You will not miss many bites with these rods, even a tentative nip from the most cautious fish has the potential to be turned into a fish in the net. • Reel Seat: VSS • Guides: LTS Ring Guides • Blank: Torayca® High Performance Carbon fibers reinforced with 1K woven carbon • Handle: Premium Grade EVA handle with rubber cork insert
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